A word from our Secretary


I feel a huge sense of pride as Secretary of R.S.E.M.S and it is a real pleasure for me to be able to introduce our school to you and welcome you to our website. We have a truly amazing school mainly because of the 1650 children who join us on a daily basis and the staff, parents, governors and friends of the school that make it such an increasingly vibrant community in which both to learn and work. , we strive to teach and live out principles and encourage the same in our children. We aim to show the children that this is our world and as such not only do we seek to care for it and the people in it, but help the children to see the part they have to play in it. Our newly established Values of Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Hope and Honesty underpin all we do as a school and as such our school is becoming a place where each member of our school community is valued, loved and trusted.

For the last year, R.S.E.M.S has been on a rapid journey of improvement and change, aiming to provide for our children the very best educational experience we can. We strive for high academic achievement, aim to provide all the children with a wealth of challenges and exciting opportunities which directly meet their individual needs and on a daily basis provide them all with an increasingly exciting and child led curriculum that will contribute positively to their life-long learning. This journey seeks not only to support the children with high academic standards, but also a love of all things cultural, artistic and sporting as well as the development of their social and emotional awareness which will directly support their active development as children and young people.

The children are at the heart of what we focus on at R.S.E.M.S. and you, as parents and careers have a vital role to play in that too. We believe strongly in partnership and accept that there are a number of key adults in our children’s lives. Together we aim to harness all that experience to make your child’s school days very happy, positive and successful.

The true picture of our school can only be painted in part in words and photographs; the best way to see and understand the school is by paying us a visit, seeing the environment, hearing about the journey we are on, taking in the atmosphere and meeting many of the children and adults who are sharing the journey together. You would be welcome at any time and I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Best wishes
Ujwala Shinde