About Us


Our aim at R.S.E.M.S is to excite our children about learning; to give them an appreciation that learning is a life-long, daily process that can make a genuine difference to their lives as children and as adults. Active learning, in which they are directly involved, not only enables our children to achieve the highest standards of academic success, but sees them developing as sportsmen, dancers, artists, historians, scientists, writers, problem solvers, decision makers, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. It gives them the time and opportunity to consider the kind of person they want to be both now and in the future.

The curriculum we provide for our children aims to enable that learning process to be highly successful and to provide the children with many memorable experiences of school. At R.S.E.M.S every half term for our children involves leading them on a ‘Learning Journey’, and a Learning Journey in which they will directly contribute. Each journey makes clear what the end point will be, which might be a product, a presentation, an exhibition, a book , a brochure, a lesson to another class or group of children and the statutory elements of the National Curriculum will be taught and learnt within that journey.

Hand in hand with the more traditional subject content are the all important learning skills which we aim to actively develop in our children, right from the very start of their time with us. These skills include providing the opportunity to develop the children as thinkers, being able to reason things out, confidently create solutions to real life problems, create real solutions to tasks they are given, to learn to work in teams, in pairs or confidently on their own. We genuinely see the curriculum as the heartbeat of the school where every moment is used and encouraged as a learning opportunity whether that is learning a new aspect of mathematics or learning how to make a working model, learning how to resolve a friendship difficulty, learning how to perform in front of others or learning to contribute to a whole school exhibition; the possibilities and opportunities are endless