RSEMS Standards
The school leaders and assistants, along with teachers will help to maintain discipline and order at all time in school. Students are expected to move in the corridors and stairs in a disciplined manner. They will walk in a line in perfect silence at all times.   
  • Each student is responsible for safety of his/her belongings.
  • Any damage done to the schools or other’s property should be replaced by the one who has done it.
  • Students are not allowed to bring to school transistors, pistols (toy or otherwise), Pen drives, CD’s, IPod, Mobile, knife (big or small), firecrackers or any other objects that may cause even slight disturbance, concern, anxiety, suspicion etc. it may lead to rustication from school.
  • Student must come daily, neatly dressed in full school uniform, bringing the day’s necessary school books, diary, Tiffin/lunch, etc. in a canvas or cloth bag. Habitual late-comers will be sent home or detained after school.
  • At the assembly bell, all must gather for the assembly & maintain silence till they reach their respective classes after the assembly.
  • If you see anyone being bullied, teased, threatened, etc, at this school or by anyone from this school (whether the person being bullied is you or someone else), you must report the incident IMMEDIATELY to the Teachers / Coordinators / Head mistress.
  • Students at R.S.E.M.S. do not call people by nick-names or anything else other than the person’s first name.
  • No one touches anyone at this school unless they do so in supervised sport or classroom activities. This means there is no touching either affectionately or otherwise at RSEMS.
  • You do not accept lifts to or from school from anyone other than your parents, or someone you know your parents/guardians have authorized. 
  • No student is permitted to open or close the classroom door without a teacher’s permission.
  • No student or students should be alone in a room without supervision of teacher
  • Hats, Caps and sun protection are to be worn outside at all times.
  • The only visible jewelry that is permitted for girls is to wear a single simple stud (not sleeper) in each ear.
  • He/she should be sensitive about conserving water and must turn off the water tabs if found running unnecessary.
  • Every pupil should endeavor to keep the high standard of the school, by excelling in good manners.