Our school

RSEMS ANAND is a fruit of a blooming tree. Here we provide students with an innovative style of education delivered by a staff of dedicated individuals. We have developed unique curricula that combine elements of creativity, art, life skills, technical process and academic achievement. We encourage the students to use active techniques with real world situation to create deep learning process and reflect on their own interpretation of knowledge. 

At RSEMS Anand we have unique learning centers that encourage learning with lots of sensory stimulation, where students are engaged in a task they enjoy, whether constructing a block or threading a bead.
According to “Dr. Maria Montessori” there are three primary principles

•    Observation
•    Individual liberty
•    Preparation of environment

So based on these three principles, we have huge, spacious and organized learning areas where we perform activities that develop qualities like attention span, perseverance, concentration and problem solving skills which are stronger predictors of academic success.

At RSEMS Anand we practice “Anneli Nikko’s” approach by adopting the core values of Finland’s educational philosophy. These guiding principles allow us to focus on student’s development of social and interactive skills, gradually provide opportunities for increased independence, which will enable them to take care of themselves as becoming adults, capable of making responsible decisions. These are the foundational skills on which a Child’s future is built.