Rules & Regulation 1
  You may feel how am I supposed to express my individuality wearing all this? You’re not. This is a school for young who want to demonstrate their ability to accept a standard dress code. You can express your individuality through written expression, excelling at sports, artistic or scientific endeavours, demonstrating community leadership, etc.

F The FULL UNIFORM is required (either FORMAL or SPORTS) when entering or leaving school campus, attending daily classes & also during open days (to and from school including while on public transport).

F The school uniform is to be worn when the students represent school for any event.

F Hair must be neat, clean, conservative and of natural colour. Hair must be styled in a way that ears and eyes are visible at all times. Girls add a neat black bow/ribbon to cover the ties and concealed hair pins are permitted.

F No makeup, nail polish, body art or visible body piercing of any kind is permitted.

F Trousers, shorts and skirts are to be worn above the hip bones and boys belts are to be school belts no ornamental buckle, belts are allowed.

F All buttons on shirts and blouses are to be fastened at all times.

F The knot of the school tie is to be ‘just touching’ the join of the collar.

F Black school bags are the only bags permitted (plastic bags are not allowed).

F Shoes and appropriate footwear are to worn at all times.

F Wearing watches are not permitted till Std. 9th, as students are bringing fancy, mobile watches etc. which creates disciplinary issues.

F Nails to be cut by both boys and girls. Girls should not apply mehandi or nail polish.

F It is compulsory to bring the school issued ID Card to school everyday.