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There are mixed emotions revolving in children’s mind on first Day of school. Children’s may be nervous about going to a new school, a new section, or making friends. But, they are also excited and eager to start a new academic year. Therefore, to start the New Academic Year right and make it a smoothly going, it is important to prepare them in advance.

Here are some tips:

Back to Routine

          During the holiday children routine has changed, it is common for children to stay awake late night and waking up late in the morning. So, a week or two before school starts, children need to start preparing to get back into the school routine. This means sleeping a little earlier every day and waking up earlier. The body adjusts to the changes in sleeping patterns and within a week or two, it becomes a habit. If they get into school-day routines and get a good sleep, they won’t feel lazy or sleepy on the first day of school!      

 This is one of the Best Things to prepare them in advance for the First Day of School

Ready with all school belonging

              The night before the first day to school, make sure that all the school belongings are ready.                                                        

  • Polishing the shoes                                                                
  • Ironing the uniform                                                                
  • Packing the bag with the required books                              
  • Keeping the stationery ready

How to Get To School

In case the child is joining a new school or there has been a change in the location of the school premises, it is better to know the route and mode of transport in advance.
The Syllabus of Next Year

Going through the syllabus of each subject will helps them to get familiar with the subjects and mentally prepares them for what to expect. You can encourage the children to read through the chapters of their favorite subject.                                                                                                                                                   -