A well planned campus with world class facilities

The school is committed to nurture the innate potentials of students in a caring, creative and vibrant ambience, supported by conducive infrastructure. school building stands gratified spacious, airy well-lit classrooms with taking into consideration philosophy of beauty and ergonomically designed furniture suitable for each age group. All the modern and technologically amenities have been installed in the respective halls to aid with a conventional form of education. Some of the gleam highlights of our Campus include.

Smart classroom:
The well-lit, cross ventilated and spacious classroom, set up to display student’s creativity and out of the box thinking in their assignments and class activities. It is fully equipped with technology based method of education through our smart class. It simplifies learning and helps teacher to focus on the curriculum and also provides insightful learning through modern technology. It makes abstract ideas more concrete. 
The library is the nucleus of the school environment, the center of the intellectual activities of the school. It is aligned to the interests and aptitude of students of different age groups .With it’s calm and tranquil atmosphere it gives a special call to the students. It also has a wide range of reference books for teachers which provide valuable help. To encourage reading habits among pupil, a wide range of books, magazines, journals are provided in the library and we ensure that students are updated with current affairs, development in the field of science and technology.
It is imperative that all school have highly furnished, good quality labs. At RSEMS Global school, we have Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math lab to achieve the goals of laboratory learning which includes enhancing mastery of the subject, better understanding and developing scientific reasoning ability.
Math lab:
Mathematics Laboratory at RSEMS Global is a place to enjoy Mathematics through informal exploration. It provides an opportunity for the students to discover through hands-on activity. It is designed to inspire and to spark the imagination, to reveal not only Math at work, but the endless possibilities of Math. The lab is fully equipped with all required materials needed to help the student’s concept through relevant activities. Our goal is to help students accept Mathematic truths on the basis of proofs.
Science lab:
The school has state of the art science laboratories equipped with all equipment catering to the curriculum prescribed by CBSE. We have separate laboratories for physic, chemistry biology, which are source of enrichment for students with all latest equipments and technology is being provided to the students. It is spacious, well maintained and careful supervision is provided by the trained staff. Another feature of science lab is 'Butterfly Edufields'. Students get the opportunity to explore, extend and enjoy their learning of various concepts.
Computer lab: 
It caters to need of around 50 students with their own desktop for use. Students not only learn computer languages but also enjoy using different programs, apps and begin creative they are encourage to develop their own projects
Art craft
The school art room provides a conducive and creative platform for the students to enhance their innovative and artistic skills. Childrens art work is often displayed around the school and during exhibitions they are taught to make use of readily available items to celebrate special occasions at school. All it takes is some imagination to transform disposable materials into beautiful creations. Every piece of art work displayed in the room reflects the progressive and insightful mindset of the students indicating an immense connects to the environment.
Dance and Music
Music and dance is the solace and relief. Vocal music training is given to the students and children are taught to use various instruments, Harmonium, Tabla, and Casio. Indian and western dances like classical, contemporary dance.
The indoor sports room is a spacious hall comprising a separate Table tennis. The hall also caters playing other indoor games like carom, chess.
•    Athletics
•    Basketball
•    Football
•    Volleyball
•    Handball
•    Kho-Kho
•    Kabadi
Foreign Language (German, French)
As our vision focuses  on internationalism and highly value development of good understanding of world. Hence the importance of foreign languages likes German and French is also a part of our curriculum
Medical room
The school has medical room. Every possible care is taken of the child during school hours and first aid is given as and when necessary. Necessary medicines are available in the medical room.